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About Games2win - One of the world's top 20 gaming businesses according to comScore.

Games2win’s business lines are:

Casual Gaming is one of the top 20 online gaming businesses in the world (as per comScore) and we host our own proprietary games in a bouquet of languages. With our own technologically equipped studio and a highly proficient set of creative art, production and programming teams, we always ensure that each game is created and hosted according to our high standards. Our games can also be found on, a casual gaming destination for all the boys in our audience.

With our games being translated in 23 distinct languages and visited by consumers from across 200+ countries in the world, we are without doubt one of the largest flash game producers in the world with a tremendous global fan following of over 6 million unique visitors a month and counting (comScore statistics).

We continuously encourage our visitors, partners, bloggers and game companies to download and use our games for their enjoyment and business purposes. Marquee advertisers on include Fortune 500 brands that choose to advertise on our site across various diverse geographies.

Check out our game catalogue here

Mobile Gaming

We are one of the top gaming companies on the iTunes App Store as well as the Android Market with over 30 apps in our robust catalog!

Some of our top applications include hits like Super Mom, Finding Mr. Right, Best Friends Forever and Plain Jane. From fashion to friendship to love, we have found ourselves an audience of over 6 million users with an array of topical apps.

Many of our apps have found their way into the Top charts on the App Store, most notable one being Super Mom which gained the #1 position in the Kids & Family Section!

But it's not just our Girls Games that are making headway! Some of our notable Boys Games include Train Traffic Control, L.A Traffic Mayhem, Turbo Cricket and Volcano Flight.

Check out our iOS apps here

Check out our Android apps here

Virtual Worlds

We also entertain the younger audience consisting of kids on our very own virtual world called This is a place where kids can play games, shop for their Chimpoos and interact with other Chimpoos in a safe environment. Check out our executive summary and how we can partner with you on here .

Social Gaming

We are strong players in the social gaming arena and produce original gaming applications (apps) for major SNS (Social Networking Site) platforms such as Facebook and Orkut. Check out our fully loaded social game Junkyard Mayhem here.

In-Game Ad Network - Invizi Ads

Games2win is the promoter of Inviziads ( - the world's fastest growing in-game ad network. InviziAds reaches out to more than 11 million viewers a month and has a footprint across 200 countries and 9000+ websites. Some of the partners of InviziAds include - A Viacom Company. For more details and insights about the business, visit the Company's website at

For an updated executive summary of Games2win, click here to download.

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