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Online Flash Game Sponsorship

Games2win is the world's fastest growing online games company. Our visitors come from all over the world, spending quality time on the site playing our Flash games.

Games2win now opens its doors to quality Flash game developers who want to showcase their game to the world and make money.

For starters, we want to make sure that the games we sponsor are:

1. Complete and bug free

2. Easy-to-play and fun, with good replay value

3. Ideally between 1MB and 3MB in size

4. Preferably with a scoring system

This is our Sponsorship Model:

Deal Type Needs
Needs G2W
What's this?
G2W slate on Game-Over screen Integration of G2W High-Score API Inviziads integration
What's this?
Is your game already available on the web? License
1 Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Non-exclusive + Perpetual* $100-$200
2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Non-exclusive + Premier rights on G2W for first 2 weeks + Perpetual* $400-$1000
3 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Exclusive License + perpetual* $1000-$1500

*Perpetual: This means we continue using your game licensed to us on our site forever.

You also confirm that:

You are the game's legal copyright holder. Game must be completely original and should not infringe on other trademarks, copyrights or intellectual property. Developer Credits with a link to your website will be only on a Credits plate. We will host the sponsored game on and will have the right to distribute the game to other popular gaming websites. The game file will not be site locked to Games2win.

Send us the game swf file directly. Email it to We will also be glad to answer any other questions that you may have about the sponsorship.

Once the final game is approved by us, we will send you the sponsorship amount. Payments would be made through Wire Transfer.

The final license fees will be as per mutual agreement between Games2win and you (developer).


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