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Get your adrenaline pumping and take an adventurous ride with our free online Escape games. Help Baby escape in Baby's Day Out or Sneak Out of your home to meet your boyfriend. You can even Escape The High School! There is no stopping the excitement with these escape games.             
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High School Sneak Out Game - Escape Games

Escape in the name of love! Don't be a fool, get out of school!

Bieber Kisser! Game - Escape Games

Are you his biggest fan?

High School Escape Game - Escape Games

Got a hot date? Make an escape!

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These are some of our much loved and much played free escape games. They are the best of the lot, so just browse through and have some fun with our online escape games.
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Escape your High School, escape your home, escape to meet your boyfriend! We take playing online escape games to the next level with a host of super games. It's the best, by the best and for the best, only on Sneak out of your home to meet your boyfriend. There's more, so much more that you'll run out of adrenalin to cope with the excitement. Don't waste any more time, get set and go go go on an adventure of massive proportions, only on