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Tickle your funny bone and laugh out loud with our free funny games. We have taken funny to a whole new level with our legendary Funny Classroom series, Funny School Bus and hordes of other hilarious online funny games. So, lighten up your day and play our free funny games.             
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Train Your Dad Game - Funny Games

Train your Dad to clean up your pad!

A Day At High School Game - Funny Games

High school is no longer just books, classes and teachers. Play A Day At High School and help little Matt get through some crazy adventures in his high school.

Funny Classroom 3 Game - Funny Games

Ace the naughty classes!

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These are some of our much loved and much played free funny games. They are the best of the lot, so just browse through and have some fun with our online funny games.
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Laughter's the best medicine and if you want a remedy for your boredom, you're not going to get a more powerful dose of fun anywhere else as compared to this section. Welcome to the Funny Games section. Free funny games that will make you laugh till you drop. And what's a little fun without a tinge of naughtiness. Get cheeky and have fun in the funniest section on the site. Funny games have evolved on and how! For starters, the Naughty Classroom game will take you back to your school days. Revisit your funny and naughty fantasies as you play the best funny game in here. The Miss Malfunction game revisits the fashion show horrors with a touch of humor, giving funny games a very realistic touch. On the other hand, the Naughty Babysitter game mixes an innocent situation with a tinge of naughtiness. These pranks are sure to bring a smile to your face. Funny games online were never this innovative. The Funny Yoga game is sure to tickle your funny bone. So don't wait any longer, get into the Funny Games section and laugh till you drop.