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Media Release, August 19
NEW DELHI announced the launch of India's first casual games portal - as a 100% owned new venture. The new site is being aggressively promoted on the c2w website and has already begun to attract massive registrations.

Alok Kejriwal - CEO of explained the background and genesis of the site ' Casual gaming as opposed to hard core gaming (console - CD based) is now gaining huge popularity across all sections of Internet surfers. Casual gaming is easy to handle, non-stressful gaming where the consumer is actually is entertained thru the gaming experience. We believe that the Indian Internet consumer is ready and actually
missing out on this experience, and hence the reason for a stand alone, brand new, dedicated casual games site'.

Games2win has been designed to directly offer pure gaming experience across different genres such as Shooting, Action, Sports, Logic, Mobile and Miscellaneous sections that are packed with multiple games. These games are International and suitable for all age categories since playing casual gaming is a universal addiction. Games2win has licensed out the use of all these games from its partners and will keep refreshing the
game deck on a daily basis. The games have been very carefully selected to download in seconds given the Indian online bandwidth conditions. The base line of the site is 'Get Addicted' and the content portfolio is addictive enough to keep a visitor engrossed for hours! Even assuming that a visitor spends 10 minutes playing a game, with a deck of 50 sizzling games online at anytime, the time spent can easily rack upto 500 minutes or 8 hours at a go!

The site of course has an irreverent look and feel, with the cheeky monkey representing the brand mascot. Alok said ' The site will have an attitude that will sync with its visitors. Just by the way the site behaves and speaks, it will be reason enough to draw in visitors. The cheeky monkey is someone we are particularly proud
about. He represents the quintessential Indian youth who is our core TG - he is a clever, confident, rebellious, respectful 'dude', who listen to his parents and is fond of tradition! We will use the Cheeky Money to connect with our Core TG by featuring him in our own games and also across communication when we promote games2win '

As regards the financial model, games2win is at the moment a free to consumer proposition and aims at attracting and building a large community of consumers who simply like casual gaming and visit the site in their daily routine. Mobile offerings, downloadable games and advertising will generate revenues as the traffic begins to ramp up rapidly and also as broadband gains prominence. Games2win will encourage developers, games publishers and start up entrpreneuer to create gaming content to host on its site on a win-win commercial partnership

Summing up the launch, Alok said ' its high time India made a statement to the gaming community worldwide. It's a misconception that Indians don't really game heavily and that will be disputed by the success of games2win. Also, we really want to start a movement that ushers the development of an entire eco-system to build GC (gaming commerce) comprising small 1-2 person game shops, micro payment companies, large publishers, ISP building gaming offering all working together to drive consumer revenue. Gaming is a multi billion dollar industry worldwide across countries it its about time we got started in India!'

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